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Jerry Hayes

I would be amazed if Tory & Lib Dems didn’t stand as Coalition candidates at the next election. Just don’t try it at the local elections; they should be fought on local issues not national policies.

July 31st, 2010 by Jerry Hayes

Downing Street officials are becoming increasingly concerned about the health of David Cameron. Each morning, when being briefed by his press chiefs on the stories of the day, tears begin to well in his eyes, his chest begins to heave and terrible noises emanate from his chest. This mad, hysterical laughter at each report of another right wing plot, is just not good for his health.   Well, I hope that yesterday’s bizarre report in the Financial Times about The 92, Cornerstone and No Turning Back  right wing dining groups that  are to meet to decide how to deal with the Coalition, was not shown to him. The reaction of him and Cleggy would have been akin to when the aliens in the old SMASH adverts spied that the Earthlings peeled and boiled potatoes and then actually mashed them.

So what will this last, desperate, supper be like? A growling and grunting meeting of the survivors of the Klingon Empire lamenting the ascendancy of that handsome and personable, captain Kirk. Or perhaps they will plot  to build their Orc army to defeat the Elves and the Hobbits who are now running the show. I suspect neither. The young Turks will want to a fight a guerrilla war, whilst wiser heads will counsel a wait and see approach. Wait for the cracks to appear in the Coalition, crowbar them open and then detonate some serious explosives and watch the whole edifice blown to pieces. Cameron should treat the right like political haemaroids. When they are really irritating and inflamed, smooth them over with gentle and soothing ointment. But don’t try and cut them out, as this can be bloody and very painful. So, at the moment Francis Maude is administering the suppository of,  ”our policies are more radical than Margaret Thatcher’s” . It should work for a little while.

The problem they have is that there are no really big issues of contention that have yet emerged to be likely catalysts to open crack in the Coalition.  The referendum on AV is about fair votes and the public can smell the political dishonesty of those who oppose on a confection a mile away. The Trident argument is only about saving a fraction of the £100bn touted by the likes of Abbott and will disappear with hardly a wimper. Academies are a potential problem and some Lib Dems have serious concerns. But their manifesto commitment of a Pupil Premium to help the disadvantaged has been accepted and should head off any real rebellions. And, at the moment, that’s about it. Of course, there will be unexpected and totally horrendous issues that will appear from nowhere and cause serious worries to the stability of the Coalition. But provided Cameron and Clegg continue to tell people how it is, consult and act with pragmatism, common sense  and honesty, this government will last. And that is what terrifies the right. They want the Lib Dem vote to sink so low that they will be wiped out at a General Election. They want to lure them into a false sense of security and then pull the plug and allow the Tories to romp home in the polls at a snap election. But this is the politics of the madhouse. Not only is it dishonest it is totally counter productive. The electorate would never forgive the Tories and the beneficiaries could be an alliance between the Lib Dems and the sensible wing of whatever is left of Labour. Then it would be the Tories in the wilderness — forever. This is not a plan that would flicker across the Cameron mind for a nano second.

I haven’t got a clue what the Cameron Master Plan is. But I know it is not to destroy the Conservative Party. It is adapt or die. The Tories have always been very good at this and the Lib Dems are learning fast, whilst poor old Labour is stuck in a time warp, a black hole from which it may never re emerge.  And for those who think of this Coalition as a temporary fix; think again. What would amaze me is not that the Tories and Lib Dems would stand as Coalition candidates at the next election, but if they didn’t. Unless there is a major fallout in policy, it would be bizarre not to. In fact, it would make no sense at all, as both parties would want to show that the government was a success. This could not and must not be tried at a local government level. There would be mutiny. Let local parties fight on local issues. I’ve always thought it was fairly stupid to fight local elections on national policies and totally meaningless. So let local government be really local for once.

Even Michael Portillo is saying nice things about the Coalition, so I suppose we should be roasting the fatted calf. Today, he even said that Cameron was civilising the Conservative Party. Years ago, when I was angry with him for his betrayal of John Major I stood at the Member’s taxi rank berating, “that cunt Portillo”. I hadn’t noticed that the diminutive Ann Widdecombe  was in earshot. “Oh, I’m so sorry Ann”.  ” No need to apologise Jerry, the only word I objected to was ‘Portillo’ “. Well, I’m happy to withdraw the insult. Welcome home Michael.

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David Miliband is no longer running for office but for cover, Theresa May gives a good impression of competence; the silly season has begun

July 29th, 2010 by Jerry Hayes

To those who enter David Miliband’s campaign headquarters, a warning . The pungent aroma that smothers the senses is the lethal combination of funk and indecision. Little brother is hoovering up the Unions, dry humping the grass roots and causing the venal wing of  the parliamentary bottom suckers to rise to the surface of their murky pond and take a more considered view. Danger; career hungry jackals are ready to pounce.  Day by day, political recalibrations are being subtly made.  So how does Mili D react?  Calm, aloof and statesmanlike? No, the poor booby attacks Cameron’s foreign tour. In an act of breathtaking arrogance, stupidity and blind panic, he accuses the Prime Minister  not taking into account those thousands of Pakistanis who have been killed in the war against terror. Just how low can you sink?  What is the point of stirring up a hornet’s nest with potentially tragic implications for our troops?  All Cameron is saying is the painfully obvious truth. There are Pakistanis who are actively assisting the men of terror. We know that. What is more, the government of Pakistan knows it. The policy is to undermine these people or else a very fragile nation might just find that the finger on their nuclear button belongs to someone with a Taleban Turban. There is nothing new in this. It was government policy when Miliband was Foreign Secretary. Rash comments such as these give an impression of a frightened man thrashing around in desperation. Poor David is no longer running for office but for cover. Actually, it’s rather sad.

But there does seem to be a theme by Labour supporting writers to accuse Cameron of shooting from the hip. That he shouldn’t have said that Gaza is a prison camp. Why not? We all know that it is. That he shouldn’t be trumpeting Turkey’s claims to accession to the EU. Why not?  Why shouldn’t the guardians of our freedom in the Middle East, a benign, yet secular Muslim superpower, strengthen the EU by having a seat at the top table?  Or do we just have to grin and bear the casual racism of the French and Germans?  It is all very strange. It is as if Westminster’s political magnetic core has shifted, with normally sane politicians being swept into the outer space of unreason by the solar winds. Jack Straw is opposing AV, not because he is against it, but because of some trumped up charge that the Coalition are gerrymandering to boundaries. Obviously, it’s just tribal, but is railing against the tribe.  Everything the midwives of the Labour party have fought for for generations, fair constituency boundaries where one vote is worth no more than another. It is a disgraceful and untenable position.

And then there is the Tory right. Those forty four dimwits who are opposing the referendum on the grounds that it should be held in isolation from other elections. Do these guys have brains or just tepid bowls of custard? Signing an EDM just gives Labour a fantastic opportunity to put down  an amendment to the Bill with exactly the same wording.  Are they going to tramp through the Lobbies with the comrades? Are they hell. Those names will be flying off the pages when the House gets back.

And then there is the genial and normally sensible, Alan Johnson.  Attacking Theresa May’s police Commissioner plans on the basis of  a,” breathtaking lack of consultation”.  Oddly it was on the same day that the Association of Police Superintendents broadly welcomed the plans and thanked her for listening and acting on their representations. And what on earth has happened to our new Home Secretary? A couple of years ago I contemplated writing a book entitled 100 uses for Theresa May.  After, coffee table, ashtray and door stop, I just gave up. But now she seems to be doing a surprisingly competent job, even old Blunkett seemed to be lacking hostility to her ASBO review. I know we have entered the silly season. But this is all to silly for even me.

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Anonymity for men in rape. An ill thought out fiasco.

July 26th, 2010 by Jerry Hayes

Poor old Crispin Blunt. Not only has he the thankless task of being  Minister for prisons, but the hapless fellow has now had to ditch the Coalition’s plan to give anonymity to men in rape cases. You can still smell the burning rubber of this monumental U turn. But it is still a mystery as to why he embarked on this totally ill thought out journey into the unknown in the first place. It was not in anyone’s manifesto, not even a twinkle in little Cleggy’s eye.  And it was doomed to fail from the start.

Firstly, why rape?  The stigmata of degradation attaches itself to all offences of a sexual nature and in particular those involving children or downloading paedophile porn. I have been prosecuting and defending high level sex cases for over thirty years and nothing, nothing,even after a thumping great acquittal, will wipe away the stench that clings to the accused.  He will have been turned into a monster by the press, his wife will begin to have doubts, his children will be bullied and his friends will give him a very wide berth; forever. But the sheer lunacy of this minor fiasco was that it was planned to give a man anonymity only until charged. What on earth is the point of that?  The prosecution haven’t had the opportunity even to try to prove their case. The best that they can say is that they are of the view that on the evidence, some pointy head at the CPS thinks there’s a fighting chance of a conviction. So on the basis of that piece of flimsy, a man has his life torn to shreds even if he is acquitted. Even if the judge dismisses the case for lack of evidence before it gets to the jury. Even if the judge withdraws the case from the jury because taking the prosecution evidence at its highest, no properly directed jury could properly convict. Both scenarios, in all crimes, are not uncommon.

But don’t worry, all is not lost. The cavalry are on their way. Some civil servant has advised the minister that this can all be dealt with in the absence of legislation. The Press Complaints Commission will be offered new guidelines!  Blunty old boy, you are dealing with a bunch of self serving, newspaper sharks with the morals of a Moroccan rentboy, who would cheerfully sell their granny for a decent story. Perhaps Colonel and Mrs Mad may be spared the agony of young Tarquin being done over by a Red Top. But if it’s a roasting  footballer or a libidinous chef, than it’s a free for all, super soaring, feeding frenzy when the poor guy is charged.

So the answer is rather simple. Grant anonymity to all men accused of a sexual offences. If he is acquitted, no harm done, and rape won’t be seen as an offence singled out as an offence where women cannot be believed. And if he is convicted?  Unleash hell.

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Bilderberg, Balls and the tragedy of the Milibands.

July 25th, 2010 by Jerry Hayes

Good God, perhaps David Ike was right! Perhaps the world is run by a sinister group of lizards disguised as bankers and senior politicians known as the Bilderberg Group, who plot in secret, to manically rule the world. For  now we have the ocular proof.  The reptilian Ed Balls, has been been spotted at these meetings with Lord Black , a cold blooded creature  with hidden poisonous sacs.  But don’t be fooled. Don’t think for one moment that Balls is threatening to pull out of the leadership race just because he graciously accepted a couple of freebies on the old jailbird’s private jet. Oh no. He is heading for the hills because he faces a toe curdling, sphincter rattling, ball sac tightening, defeat. Even before his mates at UNITE  switched off his life support system in an act of  selfless humanity for the nation, he was about to be trounced by that great political titan, Diane Abbott; Hackney’s answer to Cleopatra.  Now that gives humiliation a really bad name. It is a terrifying thought that she will be elected to the Shadow Cabinet as a result.  So Balls’s game plan is positioning. Please David, I’ll give you a free rein if you make me your shadow Chancellor. It is the last throw of the dice of a desperate man. A man so toxic that he should be placed in the political equivalent of Sellafied. Why on earth should Mili D  touch him with a cattle prodder?  He brings nothing to the table except the raw and painful memories of all that was so awful about the Brown camp; the bullying, the poisonous briefings, the betrayals. So matey, be pathetically grateful if Mili D just gouges out your eyes and pisses in the sockets.

Someone really ought to do a psychological  study of why anyone of sound mind wants to be a leader of a political party. Think of the poor devils running for Labour. Week after week of mind erasing awfulness, stuck in rooms with people you dislike, in places you never want to visit again and driving yourself insane with the cliche ridden, saccharine that you are obliged to orate. And then, when you win, the press crawling over your every indiscretion, with those whom who hardly know, tittle tattling away your hard earned reputation, for a fistful of grubby notes. Then, the next few months trying to make your party credible and electable, fighting unseen battles with those praying you would fall under the wheel of a number 11 bus, whist others are plotting to drive it.

I cannot think of one single modern Prime Minister who has not left office damaged goods. Eden was a broken man. MacMillan, swamped in the Profumo  Scandal. Heath, bitter and twisted. Thatcher, thrown into the gutter. Major despising the job and taking solace in cricket. Blair, bundled into the boot of a Mafiosa’s car,  seeing his  reputation drop quicker than Katie Price’s knickers. And you just have to look at the highways and byways of Westminster to see the carelessly discarded reputations of those party leaders who didn’t even make it to the top job. So, I really do worry about the Milibands. They are brothers. They love each other. They are decent people. Is a political party, any party, worth  the destruction of such a relationship?  This really could unfold into a terrible, character warping, personal tragedy for both of them. I really hope that  when it’s all over they can give each other a hug, shed a few tears, forget and ultimately forgive. There is far too much bitterness in politics already and two more emotional body bags will do no service to Labour, let alone their families.

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It must be awful being a Tory Rightwinger. Nobody, calls, Nobody writes. Even the Samaritans hang up on them.

July 24th, 2010 by Jerry Hayes

It really must be quite awful being a Tory right winger at the moment. Nobody calls, nobody writes and unless they say something balls achingly stupid, nobody listens. Even the Samaritans hang up on them.  And it must be so frustrating to have as much relevance to modern politics as a cat flap in a submarine; or worse, Ed Balls.  As they sit in their bijou baronial halls with steins of bitterness dribbling onto their faded Lederhosen, they reminisce about the good old days. Perhaps a little chuckle at how the huddled masses would tremble in fear at some deranged Thatcherite policy emanating from the poisoned pen of Sir Alfred Sherman. Maybe a little sigh, when they recall the halcyon days of when Simon Heffer and Peter Hitchens were regarded a political thinkers. And now where are they now? Stuck in “Dun Rantin”, a retirement home for the journalistically ignored, their smoking jackets exchanged for ones that don’t do up at the front.

But what seriously rankles the Conservative right is just about everything they stand for is detested by the majority of the voters. And what about those two jumped up cutewhorists Cameron and Clegg?  Their  bloody pipsqueakery offers pragmatism and commonsense, rather than the cold steel of authoritarianism. And dammit, the little upstarts are popular with the great unwashed. The Tory Right, are the same people who moaned when John Major won the 1992 election and cheered when Chris Patten, the author of ever winning Thatcher manifesto, lost his seat.  These are the same people whose bloody minded vanity and ball crushing arrogance, transformed a decent and caring Conservative Party, under Major and Clarke, into a slow motion train crash for a generation.

Now David Davis may, with a twinkle in his eye and a stiletto behind his back, may make as many snide remarks about the coalition as he likes. And political commentators, who should know better, will interpret them as being the whiff of cordite before the first shots are fired in the right’s battle to be heard. Don’t be fooled. The Right never want just to be heard, they want control. And they have as much chance of doing that as Hazel Blears growing a penis.

It really is time for the right to understand that this Coalition isn’t a cynical trick to hobble the Lib Dems and produce a Tory majority. It isn’t a short term political fix. It’s roots are spreading and it’s foundations get stronger as the days pass. Those who try to undermine it, do so at their peril and will unleash serious public anger. So what have we got?  Davis and Ashcroft, two old men who desperately miss being on the inside track and a dement of dandruffed old retainers.  Well, these sort of guys have taken the Conservative Party on enough white knuckle rides to oblivion. If they want the political ghost train  to embark on a journey to Nowhereland, feel free to blow the whistle.  Just don’t expect too many people to jump aboard. Margaret Thatcher had a choice phrase for malcontents. What was it? Ah yes. Moaning Minnies.

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Labour expected a car crash at PMQs. They got one; Jack Straw, who made John Prescott look like Cicero.

July 21st, 2010 by Jerry Hayes

An eerie silence descended upon the House of Commons this afternoon when Nick Clegg became the first Liberal leader since 1922 to answer questions on behalf of the Prime Minister. On the Coalition side the big beasts were out in full force, Sir George Young to his left, George Osborne, William Hague and Vince Cable to his right. They looked as if they were  about to recreate the Charge of the Light Brigade. Clegg was as pale as Casper; Osborne and Hague figitty and nervous. There was the sour smell of fear hanging in the air. They were terrified that this was going to be half an hour of pure car crash. Then the moment came. That old survivor, that burier of bodies, that wily old fox, Jack Straw, rose. There was an evil twinkle in his eye, the beginnings of a malicious grin crossed his face. He could smell blood. God, this was going to be fun.  Behind him, Labour backbenchers still smarting from being betrayed by the evil perfidious, Lib Dem, turncoats, gripped pitchforks and an array of nooses. This was payback. This was going to be a lynching.  And to the roars of the mob behind him Straw went in for the kill. Except it wasn’t. It was six questions of stream of consciousness rant. It was disjointed. It rambled. It made John Prescott look like Cicero. It was a total disaster. Straw, Labour’s Beria, didn’t lay a glove on him. In many ways it was rather sad. This was Jack’s last Hurrah. It should have been a swashbuckling end to the old pirate’s career. In the end it was more buckle than swash.

You could see the Tory benches visibly relax. They regard PMQs as if it were a Premier division football match. If your hero doesn’t leave the pitch covered in his opponent’s blood he is a failure. It becomes death by a thousand whispers. Clegg was confident, masterful and humorous.  He charmed the Tories from the trees. He even heaped praise on that old rightwinger, Andrew Rosindell. Well “heaped” is an understatement. He laid it on with a trowel. Rosindell was even referred to as, “my honourable friend”. In the end he was purring like a cat that got the cream.

Nick Clegg achieved two things this afternoon, he dominated the chamber with a mastery of his brief.  But most important of all, he gained something precious from the most unforgiving and ruthless audience in the world; respect.  I looked at the haggard faces of the Milibands. They didn’t like it one little bit. A sneerless Osborne left the chamber. Was it my imagination or did he look rather proud?

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David Miliband executed by the spymistress and why Cameron & Obama must put pressure on Europe to accept Turkey’s membership.

July 20th, 2010 by Jerry Hayes

You could almost feel the noose tightening round David Miliband’s neck as former MI5 boss, Dame Elizabeth Manningham-Buller, was asked the killer question at the Chilcott Inquiry; whether the Iraq war had increased the risk of terrorism in the UK.  And when she breathed the words, “substantially”,  the snap of our erstwhile Foreign Secretary’s vertebrae echoed round the room, while his limp body dangled from her rope.  If his leadership hopes were holed below the waterline over his department’s alleged involvement in torture, then today’s evidence wiped Miliband shares off the political stock market.  Quite simply, he lied.  Lied to the public, lied to the House of Commons and lied to the Cabinet. Even with Cameron away in America, Harriet Harman will have a very uncomfortable PMQs tomorrow. As Foreign Secretary, Miliband would have been briefed by the security services and told the mind bogglingly obvious truth; British lives have been shed and are still at risk because of the ill thought out catastrophe of invading Iraq. Never mind lecturing us on your values sunshine, why could you not just tell us the plain unvarnished truth?  And if you hide behind the flimsy veil of, ” national security”, there is just on word. Bollocks. Innocent lives were butchered in Russell Square because of this insane policy. At the very least, their families have a right to know just how serious the threat level was at the time.  And why nobody was told. I doubt that these families will want an apology from the lips of a politician on the make. What they will  demand is the truth.

So, once they have paid lip service to the  BP ecological disaster and made fine promises to work together to make sure it can never happen again, foremost  in the minds of Cameron and Obama will be how they can best protect their native homelands from Islamic extremists. Where they will be at one, is the total shambles of the EU in dealing with Turkish accession.  Quite honestly, it is a no brainer. Turkey is a valued, if not pivotal, member of Nato. They have some deeply unpleasant neighbours such as Syria and Iran with whom they have forged a working relationship. They have good relations with Moscow.  They are a functioning democracy which respects the rule of law, although they accept more needs to be done to respect human rights. Economic reforms have meant that inflation has been reduced from 72%  to about 8%  and that their deficit is 16% of GDP. They are becoming a prosperous economy. Turkey is also a land bridge for the secure supply of oil and gas to the West from Central Asia and the Middle East without which our economies would grind to a halt.

So why are there such howls of protests at Turkey joining the EU from France and Germany? Well, although the country is enshrined constitutionally as secular, they are a predominantly Muslim nation. But they are moderates. The Burka is banned. Shia law doesn’t  apply and they have the same view of Islamic extremism we do. They exemplify by example, that Islam really is based on peace and justice. Our enemies are theirs. And most important of all, unlike the rest of the Middle East, they are not a client state of the USA and not dependant on the almighty dollar.  Better still, they  have a fiercely independent foreign policy, Good heavens, they even recognize the State of Israel.

Cameron recognizes the strategic, economic and political importance of early membership, as does Obama. What they find so incomprehensible is a leaderless and rudderless Europe, sleepwalking into making a stupid and potentially dangerous decision not based on fact, but born out of emotion and prejudice. It’s time Europe woke up and smelled the coffee; it’s Turkish.

After a screeching publication that makes the Andes Air Crash Cook Book look a model of taste & decency, Mandelson has gone stark staring bonkers

July 18th, 2010 by Jerry Hayes

I suppose it had to happen. After a week of ferocious, feline, biting, scratching and mauling of all he screamed to the world was nearest and dearest to him. After a screeching publication that made the Andes Air Crash Cook Book look a model of taste and decency, Peter Mandelson, political cannibal, has gone stark staring bonkers. A few moments ago, sitting on Andrew Marr’s sofa, next to a Russian ballet dancer so pretty that Mandelson would have to have been crowbared off of him as the credits rolled, he, after recoiling with horror at the thought of writing a cheque for his party, uttered these immortal words. “I will be working hard. Working hard, with all my twenty years of knowledge and experience to reinvent the Labour Party for a new generation.”  Does the poor, deluded, treacherous fool, think a nation will be sighing with relief ? Does this crazed loon, intoxicated with power and self importance, really think the Labour party, whose political coffin he has just measured with the skill and enthusiasm of a wild west undertaker, will welcome him back with open arms?  Well, there maybe some open arms, but those of a rabid  lynch mob, who will be scrambling  to get their fingers round his scrawny little neck.  Mandelson proclaimed to the world that the purpose of this fetid little book was for lessons to be learned. Well matey, we’ve learned them. Never elect within an inch of office  those who have the morals of an Algerian crack whore, the scruples of a merchant banker and the instincts of Al Capone’s tax accountant. Oh, and if you notice strange interference on your PC or Apple Mac, don’t worry, it’s only Harold Wilson spinning in his grave. Remember him?  The fellow who said that the Labour is nothing if it is not a moral crusade.

I suppose I should be weeping with hysterical laughter, but I’m not. Throughout the land, thousands of decent, and hardworking party workers have been betrayed. These men and women who gave up their free time to canvass, to raise money, to put across a message that they fervently believed, in have been taken for a very unpleasant ride. They have been used and abused so that their political masters could enjoy the luxuries of  office and the plump, but rotten,  fruits of retirement.

But if Mandelson’s book reveals a government chasing headlines and mesmerised by focus groups, it shows a stark contrast to the Coalition, which seems, at the moment, to be comfortable in it’s own skin. Contrast the difference in approach to the Burka.  As soon as France banned the wearing of the Burka, a Brown Number 10 would have been briefing what an utter disgrace the decision was. Until they saw that 67% of the electorate agreed with the French. Then there would be a massive rowing back. Conflicting briefings and evasive answers from ministers, who wouldn’t have a clue what the line was, because there wouldn’t be  one. Then, after a couple weeks, a commission would be set up and Vivienne Westwood would be appointed “Clothing Tsarina” , to see what lessons could be learned from the French experience. Contrast this to the way it has been handled by Cameron. No fuss, no hysterics, just send out that cuddly old teddy bear, Damien Green, to tell the Sunday Telegraph that we will not be banning the Burka because it’s not the way we do things in Britain. The , “it’s very un British”,  is just the right tone. The Civil liberty brigade have no cause to jump up and down and extremist Muslims have no excuse to take to the streets. And, apart from a few of the usual headbangers of the right, end of story. It is all delightfully linen suited and Pimms; so reassuring. With, of course, the subliminal message that we Brits are rather more civilised that the ghastly, garlic smelling, Xenophobic and over excitable,  French.

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Cameron must act quickly on the European Investigation Order; Euronutters are being poked with a very sharp stick.

July 16th, 2010 by Jerry Hayes

There are three words that are guaranteed to send a shiver down the spine of David Cameron; European Investigation Order. And coupled with the name of David Davis, the prince across the water, there is the possibility of a serious row that could severely shake the coalition before Parliament is sent off on holiday. Some deft footwork will be needed, or the Sunday papers will go ballistic.

At the mention of anything European, most of us groan, as it tends to be the starting pistol for every one issue nutter in need of secure accommodation. But the EIO presents us with some potentially serious problems. It’s aim is sensible. It introduces a system whereby it is much easier to gather evidence for crimes throughout the EU. All well and good. But like most things that emanate from Brussels,  it hasn’t been properly thought through. When the distinguished organisation of jurists, JUSTICE,  reports that the EIO, ” has inadequate consideration of the rights of the suspect in an effort to improve efficiency”, alarm bells should be ringing at Number 10. Worse, the date of incorporation into UK law is the 28th July. Scary. And potentially explosive.

In it’s present form the EIO would allow any EU police force to start investigations and gather evidence on UK soil. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, as the present system is slow and cumbersome. But where it  offends against everything we hold sacred, is that no judicial authority is needed to verify whether there are reasonable grounds for an offence to have been committed. In this country the police can’t investigate on a whim, they have to have reasonable grounds to believe that someone is up to no good. So, potentially, every corrupt police officer in the pay of the mafia in Southern Italy, could come over here, obtain your DNA and bank balances without going to obtain permission from a judge first. Insane. And downright dangerous. In reality, it may be rather different as this is clearly in breach of the European Convention of Human Rights. There would be test cases. But why bother? Why should be have to put up with injustice, misery and cost?  Let’s just get it right first time round and put in safeguards which will protect the freedom and liberty of the subject.

What JUSTICE sensibly argues for, is that all requests for an EIO  be in accordance with the European Convention of Human Rights, and that there should be  judicial scrutiny. It’s simple, fair and sensible. The danger is that unless politicians understand what this is all about, this will be just another anti European stick, based on ignorance, to beat the Coalition with. David Davis, is genuinely and rightly, concerned about this. He raised it at Business Questions yesterday. Number 10 must not vacillate on this. The deft foot work is provided by JUSTICE, “the UK should opt in to the instrument but in so doing should engage it’s negotiating position to ensure safeguards.” All Cameron has to do is promise that the EIO will operate within the framework of the ECHR and that every application is reviewed by a judge on the basis that reasonable grounds for the belief that an offence has been committed are shown. But Cameron must act quickly to avert an unholy and damaging row. The  Euronutters are being prodded with a very sharp stick that is laced with poison.

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There is something sickeningly unpleasant at the way Gordon Brown is being hunted to extinction.

July 15th, 2010 by Jerry Hayes

For a party that prides itself on its opposition to blood sports, there is something sickeningly unpleasant at the way Gordon Brown is being hunted to extinction. As he lays cornered and bleeding, waiting for the hounds to finally rip him apart, the young hopefuls smear their blood across their faces. Finally, Balls and the Milibands have been blooded.

I carry no brief, nor affection for Brown, but what is happening to him is nothing short of cruel. I have written some rotten things about him. I have salivated and sniggered at each and every juicy morsel. But, nothing, nothing, can justify the daily onslaught of first Mandelson and shortly Blair. This is not character assassination, this is the modern equivalent of hanging, drawing and quartering. We haven’t even got to the stage where his head has been placed on a spike outside Traiter’s Gate as a warning to the others. But this will come. Even the stoutest of minds, the strongest of characters would find it difficult to cope. No former Prime Minister has been so eviscerated. Cameron would be wise to begin a vow of silence on all things Brown.

Something in my guts tells me that soon there will be a tipping point, when the public will say, “enough’s enough, leave the poor man alone”.  And it will be soon. That, I suspect is what really worries Tony Blair. I know the rule in politics is never kick a man until he’s down and there are at least five of you, but administering the final, brutal, mortal, blow, could put in jeopardy  the squeaky clean Brand Blair.

I can understand now why he avoids the Commons, why he has gone to ground with his family, why he wants to avoid the horrors of door stepping journalists and the intrusion of ever present camera crews.  And why he wants to be cocooned in the comfort blanket of Kirkcaldy, where he is respected and loved.

And what of his children?  Two enchanting little boys.  A new school. Trying to make friends. The teasing, the humiliations, the sheer bewilderment of soaring to the heavens on a magic carpet only to see it crash in flames to earth. Worse, seeing the dead eyes of their mummy and daddy, trying to pretend that everything is fine, when they are dying inside. It is the innocents who always suffer most. I hope Mandelson, who would have cooed over them as a benign uncle, one day can look them in the eye. I doubt it. He will be counting his millions and finally admitted as the super pet of the filthy rich. Until his usefulness comes to an end and he too is cast into the baying mob. But I doubt that that is Mandelson’s greatest fear. At least he could play the proud martyr. He, like the publicity hungry Vicar of Stiffkey, mauled  to death by a lion in a failed stunt, would make the last edition. What gnaws at his innards is the horror of being old, alone and worse; forgotten.

Oh, and I wonder, though not for long,  if he will apologise to Andrew Rawnsley, whose book he rubbished and whose distinguished career he smeared and tried to destroy. It was a black operation that very nearly worked. I hope that he is reminded  of his sneer to Andrew Marr, his beautifully manicured nails still dripping with Rawnsley’s blood, “He’s a good colourful writer, that’s all. It’s all flammed up. After all, he has a book to sell”. I hope those words come back to haunt him. They won’t. And it’s no use wondering what he will see when he looks in the mirror. There will be no reflection.

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