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Jerry Hayes

While Cameron shows courage and leadership the Tory Right become fractious and frit. Beware the Pasty Faced teenage scribblers and Knock Down Ginger back benchers.

March 3rd, 2011 by Jerry Hayes

It won’t be long before we will be be transfixed by the horror of seeing innocent men women and children being massacred by Gaddaffi’s helecopter gun ships. It will be accompanied by gutwrenching reports of rape, mutilation and murder by hired mercenaries from Chad. There will be scenes of young and old, armed only with knives, stones and hope, mercilessly butchered.  And what will we in the West do?  Wring our hands. While the necks of innocents are wrung by the blood spattered goons of  Gaddaffi Family Incorporated. For that it was we have allowed Libya to become; a business enterprise of the privileged few.

Saif Gaddaffi is not a deluded fool. While we were showering him with business contracts, doctorates and the trappings and advantages of access that only the gluttonously rich are afforded, he was watching, learning and waiting. He knew that we would be taken in by his faux liberalism, his promise of reform and a better and more democratic life for his people. He knew that we in the soft, comfortable, liberal, west are masters of self deception. We believe what we want to believe. That somehow thinking that something ought to happen will make it. What stupid pampered fools we are.

While we are trying to work out what the hell to do Saif is securing Tripoli. When, through sheer terror and brute force this is achieved, and it could be very soon, his forces will move on to destroy the rebels. And then it will be too late. No matter what international sanctions are in place, there are always those to break them. It will be the poor who suffer and the ruling elite who will live high on the hog.

Those two great exponents of justice, democracy and free speech, Russia and China have effectively put an end to any UN resolution for a No Fly Zone. They have been aided and abetted by a United States who has cut the cojones out of its foreign policy and is buffeted by the winds of international change. It seems to have lost the will to make things happen.

The only leadership in the West has come for David Cameron. History will treat him well, but the present may not be so kind. He knows that we have a very small window of opportunity to make things happen. A No Fly Zone worked it the Balkans and it could work here. Arming the rebels and blowing up arms depots are also sensible options. But it is all so risky and already Tory backbenchers are feeling uneasy. Well, that’s what we are told by the pasty faced teenage scribblers of the right who seem to try and set Cameron’s agenda for him.

Tory backbenchers seem to be the Knock Down Gingers of politics. They creep up to a Downing Street front door, knock hard and then run away to pour poison into the ears of the Pasty Faced Ones. It’s all very strange. A Pasty Face at the Telegraph, today, tells us of backbenchers who are horrified that Cameron is reaching for the military  option to distract us all from domestic issues. On what planet do these guys come from? Do they really believe that Cameron would sacrifice British lives for personal political gain? If they do they are even more deluded that Gaddaffi. They don’t know the man nor his DNA.

If you want to understand the agonies of government, look across at the grey, fatigued and drained faces of Cameron, Hague and Osborne on the front bench yesterday. Soon terrible decisions will have to be taken. One that could save the innocents or destroy them. Once that could lead British forces into danger and death. And into that decision making factor I  would be amazed whether Cameron would have factored in the effects on his career.

What would Margaret Thatcher have done? You know darn well. And it wouldn’t be the way of the Pasty Faces or gutless Knock Down Gingers. How odd that when their Prime Minister is showing courage, determination and leadership they become fractious and frit. Or perhaps it is because they don’t regard Cameron as their Prime Minister.

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  1. Salem (rat) Salem (rat) says:

    Thank you. Let’s hope DC has it in him.

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