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Rene Kinzett

Phew! The LibDem Conference isn’t so woolly after all!

May 16th, 2010 by René Kinzett

Great news from the Liberal Democrat Special Conference which this afternoon backed the deal brokered by Nick Clegg et al to join the Liberal Conservative Coalition Government.

The past image of the woolly-jumpered, sandal wearing and bearded old Liberals pontificating for days of painfully boring debate and torturing their Party Leadership with motions to abolish the Monarchy, outlaw meat-eating and give cats the vote were brought to a welcome end today by a quick, sensible and important decision.

The Liberal Democrats and their predecessor parties have not had a sniff of real power since the falling out between David Lloyd George and Herbert Henry Asquith in 1916. So the prospect of Liberal Democrat policies transferring from the never-never world of the Party’s Manifesto to the Statute Book was an opportunity that no rational person could rally pass up. Unless you are Charles Kennedy, of course.

I wrote about the common approach between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats with regard to civil liberties and a wider liberal agenda over on WalesHome and I really do believe that with this vote at today’s Special Conference, seals the deal on a full five-year progressive coalition.

  1. Craig Henderson Craig Henderson says:

    I never wore a woolly jumper but I am partial to sandals! You seem to have fully bought into the coalition and its chances of survival. I am not so convinced. Do you think it’ll last? Surly the differences are just too vast?

    • René Kinzett René Kinzett says:

      Hi Craig, yes, regardless of sandal-wearing tendencies, I do believe the LibDems are fully committed to the coalition with my Party and for our part, the Conservatives are 100% serious in their intent to make this “full and proper” coalition work for the full 5 years. I think the motion agreed at yesterday’s LibDem Special Conference was very well written, spelling out the achievements made by the LibDem negotiating team and making it clear where there were still areas of concern. I think the whole process can be described as “grown up”, not a term usually applied to British politics.

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