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Rene Kinzett

Youthful frolics

September 6th, 2010 by René Kinzett

The race to be elected Chair of the Conservative Party’s youth wing, Conservative Future, is hotting up. Nominations for the prestigious Chair and the various other spear bearer positions have now closed. And what a choice awaits all those eager young things who are to vote for the milk monitors, hall monitors and prefects of the Tory youth movement.

One of the candidates for Chair is Craig Cox, a chap who, when a Student Union officer at Nottingham University, decided it would be a jolly good jape to wave aloft a sign calling for the reintroduction of slavery. Mr Cox’s initial (and later withdrawn) excuse was that he didn’t know what it said on the sign and he certainly caused a campus political rumpus, resulting in a petition to remove him from his position. Maybe healthy discussion of turning back the clock 200 years and offending huge numbers of potential Tory voters is what Cox means when he expresses on his website a desire for more “banter” within the youth wing?

Zooming in on Wales, the candidates for Chair here include one Grant Tucker who, despite being a terribly nice and polite young man, managed to call for the murder of a former MP via Facebook whilst he was Chair of the Welsh Conservative Future. No matter what one’s views are on Mr Galloway, there are more efficient and less troublesome ways of enquiring after the services of hit men than using a social networking site. Anyhow, this foul up led to Mr Galloway making a police complaint and Mr Tucker being shown the door by Welsh Tory HQ.

Still, all this is great fun and at least more interesting than the boring and sterile Labour Party leadership campaign. But then real politics is often less interesting that the insular and bitchy world of student politics, proving the rule that there is an inverse relationship between the passion and vitriol expressed to the size of the prize on offer.

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  1. Grant Tucker Grant Tucker says:

    I did not call for the murder of George Galloway. Please look up the definition of murder.

    Nor did I enquire for a hitman.

    Nor was I ever Chairman of the Welsh Conservative Future.

    George Galloway, although reported, did not make a police complaint.

    I made a ill judged comment which I regret. For that reason I resigned immediately without “being shown the door”.

    Just wanted to clear up the FACTS.

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